El 12 de març... Bassiero!

110d 11h 37m 50s

59a travessa amb esquís de la UEC de Barcelona

La Cursa

With 57 editions, the Crossing with skis of the UEC de Barcelona (today Cursa Bassiero) has consolidated within the races of mountain skiing in Catalonia and between the most outstanding of the Pyrenees.

With a large cross-country skiing format, the Cursa del Bassiero is one of the few competitions still left in our territory offering a large-format alpine route, in a single day, based on the values that accompany the practice of mountaineering ( camaraderie, respect for nature, solidarity, love for the territory ...), with an obvious competitive spirit combined with a popular and participatory scope.

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Alpine Route

The Bassiero Race takes place in the surroundings of Lake Gerber, rising from the La Peülla area at 1,900m and ascending to 2,900m from the Bassiero peak that gives the race its name.

Entorn únic

La cursa transcórre en un paratge incomparable, el Parc Nacional d’Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici i té el privilegi de ser la única competició hivernal permèsa dins del Parc tal i com s'estipula en el Pla d'Usos Públics.

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58th ski crossing of the UEC de Barcelona