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With 57 editions, the Ski Tour of the UEC de Barcelona (today the Bassiero Race) has established itself at the top of mountain ski races in Catalonia and among the most outstanding in the Pyrenees.

With a format of large skiing, the Carrera del Bassiero is one of the few competitions that still remain in our territory offering a large-format alpine route, in a single day, based on the values that accompany the practice of mountaineering (companionship , respect for nature, solidarity, esteem for the territory ...), with an evident competitive spirit combined with a popular and participatory outreach.

The race takes place in an incomparable setting, the Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park, and has the privilege of being the only winter competition allowed within the Park as stipulated in the Public Use Plan.


The Unió Excursionista de Catalunya (UEC) de Barcelona is a centenary non-profit organization. Dedicated to promoting the technique and practice of Hiking; in all its aspects, both sports, cultural, and leisure.

All kinds of activities are carried out continuously between the Mountain Initiation Section (SIM), which has already been teaching boys and girls from six to eighteen years old for forty-five years, the High Mountain and Climbing Section (SAME ), dynamizer of the most sporting and technical activity; a marked editorial work and the Cursa del Bassiero.

In addition to the entity there is a long history in the exploration of the great mountains; The latest expeditions related to Catalan mountaineering stand out, such as, for example, the Muztagata (Xinjiang, China) in 1999 and the female ascents in 2001 to the Shisha Pagma (Tibet, China) and in 2004 to Everest (Tibet, China).


Maintaining our philosophy of understanding the race, not as a ski touring competition, but as a competition ski touring ski, this year's edition returns to the OPEN Bassiero format.

This 58th edition maintains the characteristic essence of the Cursa Bassiero. We want to continue bringing the unique environment that the Aigüestortes National Park and San Mauricio Lake offer us to runners, as well as expressing our values of understanding the mountains and this sport.

The organization of the race remains in the hands of the people who run the UEC of Barcelona, and the entire event that the race entails, as well as the human value that surrounds it, is adapted to the race format to continue giving off its characteristic warmth.


Esterri d'Àneu

In this small village of the Pallars Sobirà region we established our base of the race. Together with the city council we organize informative and training days, the collection of numbers, the briefing before the race and popular food.

La Peülla

From this unique location in the port of La Bonaigua the starting gun, the arrival and the awards ceremony are carried out.


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